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Do you need a solution??

Hi there! Thank you for coming to take a look at my website. My name is Nicole Young, and if it is a solution you are after, then you are at the right website...


As an Occupational Therapist and a Mum, I understand the drive for independence. 


I also know all about how the environment directly impacts on our function and abilities. My mission is to identify the barriers and focus on providing people with solutions. 

If it is a medical condition or injury that is impacting on your driving, I can provide Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments for all licence classes. ( From a personal car through to a road train!) An assessment may be all you need to get back safely behind the wheel- and we all know how crucial driving is!! Jump over to our dedicated driving assessment website to get all your questions answered.

For those considering obtaining their Learner's licence but are unsure if they are ready, we can now offer a Potential To Drive assessment which explores whether someone is ready to learn to drive and likely to have the necessary skills to progress with learning the necessary driving skills to transition to independent driving. These assessments are completed before the adolescent has undertaken the RMS Learner Licence process, with one of the outcomes of assessment being advice on whether the person is ready to commence this or better focussing attention on other skill sets first. We offer these assessments from our clinic and are able to bill through NDIS plans. ​

Driving Lesson

With our new clinic set up in Medowie, A-Z Clinical Solutions is now able to assist with the provision of hand assessment, including fabrication of custom thermoplastic orthoses (splints!) and hand therapy programs. Through this process we can assist you to decrease your experience of pain, reduce the oedema and manage any wounds associated with an acute injury. 

Waking in the middle of the night, because of wrist pain? Make an appointment and we can explore whether some short term splinting helps to take the pressure off that carpal tunnel and allow a full nights sleep!

So whether it be that you are considering a return to driving, have an adolescent wanting to learn to drive but you are unsure if they will be successful, you have injured your hand, or you have barriers to your daily living, give me a call and together we can explore some solutions. I will work with you to bring back your quality of life.


I am registered with the NDIS, LTCA/iCare, DVA and a range of private health insurers, so why not call and discuss funding options.

Identifying the problems and focusing on the solutions.

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