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Upper Limb Assessments

OUCH! Hand and Upper limb injuries are painful, inconvenient and a really good way to learn how much you do each day with your hands and fingers!

When the off the shelf solution isn't working for you, or the wound and swelling is just too much for you to stomach, give us a call and we will make a time for you to come into the clinic and get the love and attention you need to get back on track.

Part of the OT assessment process might include;

* fabrication of a thermoplastic splint

* application of taping or soft splints

* an exercise program to strengthen the hand

* recommendation to see your GP for further scans

* recommendation to see a specialist for injections/surgery..

Whether it be a bent finger, wrist pain, post op care or weekend sports mishap, I will work with you to get the best outcome and get you back to what you love doing. 


Holding Hands

OT Functional Assessments

Generally speaking, people shudder at the thought of an Occupational Therapy Home Visit or Functional Evaluation. Whether it be fear of the unknown, embarrassment about a sink full of dishes or concern about being told you are no longer safe at home, people worry about clinicians coming in to their comfort zone.

But fear not.. The purpose of this assessment is for me to ensure that you can be as independent as you would like and as safe as possible in your home. 

Part of the OT assessment process might include;

* recommendations to consider moving some furniture

* accepting formal supports such as cleaners

* considering the use of equipment,

* exploring assistive technology

* considering the installation of modifications

* referral to another service, such as physiotherapy..


Consultancy Services


Often it isn't Case Management Services or a traditional home visit, but a one off consultation that you require.. I can still help! The core skills of an Occupational Therapist are observation, evaluation, lateral thought and problem solving.


Mix this with some common sense and good humour and whether it be a work site assessment, return to work plan or review of your vehicle, you can drop me a line and or shoot through a referral of what you need assessed and I will let you know when I can do it for you.

It is that easy!. In the event that your need is outside my area of comfort, I will get back to you immediately with contact details of someone that I know who will be able to fulfill your request. 


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