OT Home Assessments

Generally speaking, people shudder at the thought of an Occupational Therapy Home Visit. Whether it be fear of the unknown, embarrassment about a sink full of dishes or concern about being told you are no longer safe at home, people worry about clinicians coming in to their comfort zone.

But fear not.. The purpose of a home visit is for me to ensure that you can be as independent as you would like and as safe as possible in your home. (Other names for OT Home Assessments are Activity of Daily LIving Assessments or Environmental reviews)

Part of the OT assessment process might include;

* recommendations to consider moving some furniture

* accepting formal supports such as cleaners

* considering the use of equipment,

* exploring assistive technology

* considering the installation of modifications

* referral to another service, such as physiotherapy..

The key to remember, is that like all recommendations received in life, it is up to YOU whether you are ready to accept and embrace them.

I don't care about whether the carpet has been vacuumed or you have a spare room that you physically cannot walk into. The assessment of your home and surrounds is just an opportunity for me to see how you function within your home and garden and make sure that everything is ticking along just how YOU want it to. 

Consultancy Services


Often it isn't Case Management Services or a traditional home visit, but a one off consultation that you require.. I can still help! The core skills of an Occupational Therapist are observation, evaluation, lateral thought and problem solving.


Mix this with some common sense and good humour and whether it be a work site assessment, return to work plan or review of your vehicle, you can drop me a line and or shoot through a referral of what you need assessed and I will let you know when I can do it for you.

With a background in OT Driving assessments, vehicle conversions for drive from wheelchair, as well as passenger conversions for people needing to travel in wheelchairs or simply needing help to get into a car are all within my scope of expertise.

It is that easy!. In the event that your need is outside my area of comfort, I will get back to you immediately with contact details of someone that I know who will be able to fulfill your request. 


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