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Driving is a complex task, requiring the precise combination of physical, cognitive and emotional abilities. In NSW, all driver's are legally required to report any medical conditions or changes to their situation to the Roads & Maritime Service.(RMS)

For many people, driving is an integral part of not only their independence, but their self esteem and identity. At the other end of the spectrum, teenagers often see obtaining their Learner's licence as a rite of passage and as their ticket to freedom. So when told that a medical condition or injury means they may have to stop driving, or not even attempt to learn to drive, they can be left feeling crushed and helpless.

This is where I may be able to assist you to explore your options. 

As a qualified and experienced OT driving assessor I am able to help you, your loved one or your clients to objectively look at the current situation, review if an OT Driving Assessment is indicated and if indicated, we can complete a comprehensive assessment that includes going for a drive and then provide recommendations on the drivers licence.

Alternatively, it may be a need to explore someones Potential To Drive, this is where prior to obtaining a NSW Learner's licence we complete an assessment to determine whether a person is ready to learn the rules and likely to succeed with the Knowledge Test and most importantly be ready to commence the practical learning to drive and progress with this. 

To better focus on this specialised domain, A-Z Clinical Solutions has focussed all driving attention knowledge into a new business arm being ATZ Driving Solutions. Same people, same place but undivided focus!


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ATZ Driving Solutions

Heavy Vehicle Assessment 

Australia relies heavily on road transportation of people and goods, with the bulk of this reliance being centred on Heavy Vehicle drivers. Driving Heavy Vehicles continues to be considered an occupation of high risk owing to the risk of vehicle accident and injuries. (Truck accidents and subsequent injuries tend to be more costly and attract more attention than car accidents.)


Aside from speed and fatigue, it should be noted that the most common way for injuries to occur is while performing related tasks such as uncoupling or entering/exiting their vehicle. 


As such, often after an injury or illness, it is not just your car licence, but, if you hold a heavy vehicle licence this also requires assessment prior to returning to driving. 

I am qualified to complete Heavy Vehicle and Plant Machinery assessments, so if you need to get back on the road...give me a call or head over to

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